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Cornerstone Park receives ChooseWell Award!

In keeping with Synergy Youth and Community Development Society’s mission to cultivate the development of leadership and wellness education in Chestermere, Langdon and S.E. Rocky View, the agency led an initiative to develop Not for Profit operating space at the Centre for Community Leadership and subsequently, Cornerstone Community Park which surrounds it.

Synergy, in partnership with the City of Chestermere and numerous Landscape Alberta member companies (, reclaimed and developed the land located at the corner of Rainbow Road and Chestermere Boulevard creating a beautiful focal point at the west entrance to the city.

The City of Chestermere website states that “Synergy’s passion and vision to provide a space that will cultivate the development of leadership in Chestermere, paired with the project management and expertise of City staff, has resulted in a City amenity that encourages unity and community spirit.”

Synergy Board CoChair Deb Hitchcock says, “Cornerstone Community Park is an asset to our community because it provides another location for residents to meet, play and enjoy nature. Once an unflattering utility lot, this piece of land is now a beautiful entry way to Chestermere. The park features paved pathways, bee pollinating gardens, a water fountain and an enjoyable, relaxing space for families using the Skate Park. It is an inspiring testament to the care and dedication of the amazing businesses and community supporters who made it possible.”

In recognition of the remarkable collaboration undertaken by Synergy, The City and Landscape Alberta members, Cornerstone Community Park was awarded a Communities ChooseWell Healthy Community Award at a recent Alberta Recreation and Parks Association conference. Synergy’s Board of Directors’ Co-Chair Deb Hitchcock and Landscape Alberta’s Executive Director, Joel Beatson accepted this prestigious award on behalf of the project partners on October 25, 2018 in Jasper, Alberta.

The ChooseWell Healthy Community Awards celebrate the efforts and achievements of communities and wellness champions across Alberta in promoting healthy eating and active living and creating conditions where the healthy choice is the easy choice, through recreation and parks.

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