An annual anti-bullying campaign that raises funds for relevant causes and helps the community take a stand against bullying year round.

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This February, support anti-bullying through the Pretty in Pink campaign presented by Synergy's YELL Youth Council.

How can you show your support?

You can purchase a Pretty in Pink mask and button as a donation to the cause!

A button and mask is only $3 for students and $5 for adults.  Single buttons are $2. (Masks are while supplies last)

Purchase yours at some of your local schools or, visit our office from 10:00am - 4:00pm to make your purchase!


Lifepath Centre for Community Leadership

#101-340 Merganser Drive W 

(Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

Half of the proceeds will go towards Calgary Black Chambers to support anti-bullying, while the other half will support future SERVE leadership initiatives.

Pink Shirt Day is on February 23rd 2022. Wear your Pretty in Pink mask and button to bring awareness to the impacts of bullying.

The Story Behind Pink Shirt Day

The idea comes from two incredible Nova Scotia high school students in 2007. When a fellow student was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt, they decided to take a stand. They went out and bought pink shirts to give to fellow students to show their support for a boy who was being bullied simply for wearing a pink shirt. Wearing anything pink to show support is an easy way for anyone to make a difference.

the story behind pretty in pink

Once pink shirt day became an important part of school, kids who did not wear pink were getting bullied for not supporting the movement because they weren’t wearing pink. Not everyone has a pink shirt so YELL created pretty in pink and started selling buttons so that anyone can participate in pink shirt day no matter if they own a pink shirt or not.

Synergy would like to thank the businesses and schools that are selling buttons for the 2022 campaign


Bullying is a problem that is very important to our youth. Each year the YELL Youth Council sells hand-made buttons to raise money in our community to combat bullying. Buttons are sold at local organizations and businesses throughout the month of February but are available for purchase from Synergy all year round. The recommended donation for a button is $2 for children/youth and $5 for adults. YELL also visits local schools to speak to the students about bullying and how to prevent it.


Funds raised from the efforts of the campaign go directly into a relevant cause. Each year, YELL members thoughtfully choose a charity to contribute funds collected from their efforts. Charities chosen must be accessible to local children and youth and must help prevent bullying or support those suffering from the effects of bullying.

For 2022, the Calgary Black Chambers was selected to receive 50% of the funds raised with the Pretty in Pink Project.

Calgary Black Chambers is a society of Black professionals and entrepreneurs who saw the need to establish a not-for-profit organization, for Black professionals and entrepreneurs, students, and upcoming professionals, to have resources available to support their endeavors through the Calgary Black Chambers set core values. The black chambers’ four core values increase leadership capacity throughout Calgary by community volunteering and scholarships for the future generations.

Previous charity contributions:

2014 Recipient: Kids Help Phone
2015 Recipient: Wheatland Crisis Shelter
2016 Recipient: Children’s Wish Foundation
2017 Recipient: Chestermere Therapy Dogs

2018 Recipient: Dare to Care

2019 Recipient: Calgary and Area Child Advocacy Centre

2020 Recipient: Dare to Care

2021 Recipient: Hull Services


School visits:

2015: East Lake Elementary School
2016: Prairie Waters Elementary School
2017: Prairie Waters Elementary School, Rainbow Creek Elementary School, Khalsa School Calgary

2018: Prairie Waters Elementary School, Sarah Thompson Elementary School, Chestermere Rec Centre's Out of School Care Program

2019: Prairie Waters Elementary School, Sarah Thompson Elementary School, Indus School 

2020: Prairie Waters Elementary School, Sarah Thompson Elementary School, Kid Care, Our Lady of Wisdom School

2021: Prairie Waters Elementary School

For more information about Pretty in Pink, or if you would like to be involved in the Youth Council's next campaign, please contact

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