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Resources for parents & Caregivers

Below will be resources and information for Parents, Caregivers, Staff, or anyone who works with Children and Youth. 

Happy Family

Crisis Resources

If you or your child requires immediate help for a crisis call 911 or click the button below to go to our crisis resources tab. 

Caregiver Resource Sections

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Language & Stigma 

What we say matters!

The type of language we use to describe mental health and wellness is important! 

Reducing the stigma of mental health starts here

Jordan's Principle

Jordan's Principle ensures that all Indigenous children living in Canada can access the services and support they need when they need them (Government of Canada, 2024). Click the learn more button to access further information & criteria for Jordan's Principle. 

Local Children & Family Supports & Services 

Click the agency logos for more information on these children & family supports & services.

Youth & community leadership and wellness programs. Low-cost counselling & wellness appointments

Trellis Commons - Chestermere & Langdon

Early Childhood, youth, and community programs & family & caregiver supports

Hull Services

Early Childhood, youth, and community programs & family & caregiver supports

Carya Calgary

Carya Calgary offers programs, workshops, community support, low cost counselling, family support, youth engagement, etc. to individuals & families.

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) - Strathmore

Family & community support services for Strathmore & Southeast Rockyview.

The Summit: Marian & Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience

For young people struggling with mental health concerns.

Parenting Resources

Click the agency logos for more information on these parenting resources, tip sheets & guides.
Parenting your Teen: Information Guide (Mental Health Literacy)
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Topics included: Sexuality, dating, conflict and communication, physical changes, technology and social media, common mental illnesses, Identity, health, growth and development 

Nobody's Perfect Parenting Tip Sheet

This tips sheets from Gov of Alberta offers current and accessible information to parents and caregivers of children aged 0 - 5 years on a variety of topics.

5 for life: 0-5 years old Resource Handbook
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Resource handbook created for Strathmore & Wheatland county for information and resources on children ages 0-5. Includes: developmental skills, 

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children

A resource bank from Alberta Health Services for parents with information about parenting, children & youth, postpartum & pregnancy. 

How Not to Bubble Wrap your Kids - Mental Health Literacy

PDF from mental health literacy with information on what stress is, how it affects your child, and what types of stresses there are, and what is tolerable stress.

If a Teen Comes to You with Mental Health Concerns

PDF from The Canadian Mental Health Association with information on what to do if your child comes to you with mental health concerns.

Caring for Kids
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A resource bank from Canada's Paediatricians including information on mental health, behaviour & development, pregnancy & babies, safety & injury prevention & healthy living. 

Mental Health Resource Guide for Parents & Caregivers
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Mental Health Resource guide for parents & caregivers. Sections include mental illness, stigma, stress management, self care, etc.

Reach Out
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A website for youth, parents/caregivers and schools to connect and learn about topics in mental health.

Mental Health Resources

Below will be specific mental health resources for children & youth to better understand what they are currently struggling with. Click the button to go to our Mental Health Resources tab with further information not specific to children & youth. 

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Mental Health Resource Guide for parents & Caregivers

Created in collaboration with Youth Smart & The Canadian Mental Health Association. 

This handbook includes resources and support for mental health challenges in youth. Click the Handbook to be taken to the PDF.

Sections Include: 

  • Mental Health & Mental Illness

  • Stress Management 

  • Stigma 

  • Self-care 

  • Mental Health Skills

Resources for Understanding and Supporting Mental Health Concerns in Youth

Click the agency logos for more information on these mental health concerns your child may be facing
Anxiety Canada
Information on anxiety, tools & pdfs with useful tips for managing anxiety.
CAMH (The Centre for Addiction & Mental Health)
Information on a variety of mental health concerns, mental health education and research. 
NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre)
Information, resources, etc on eating disorders
CADDAC (Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada) 
Information on ADHD, advocacy for ADHD, Programs & workshops.
Information, advocacy & support for depression
Canadian Mental Health Association
CMHA Calgary builds awareness and provides education and support for individuals and families living with a mental health or substance use concern.

Youth Support for Mental Health

Click the agency logos for more information on these children & youth supports.
Youth & community leadership and wellness programs. Low-cost counselling & wellness appointments
Kids Help Phone
For mental health support,  connect with a trained, volunteer crisis responder for support any time, about anything, via text message or call.
The Summit: Marian & Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience
Walk-in youth mental health services are available from 10 am – 10 pm, 7 days per week.
Trellis Society
Early Childhood, youth, and community programs & family & caregiver supports
Calgary Teen Distress Line
Call 403-264-8336 or Text 587-333-2724 
a virtual walk-in clinic exclusively for young Albertans aged 12 to 25.  access free mental health and substance use counselling, peer support, employment services and register for free workshops and support groups

Programs & Workshops for Families & Youth

Below will be agencies that offer support to families, children and youth with workshops and programs offered online and around the community.

Workshops, Programs & Courses

These are some workshops and courses that can help you as a caregiver or parent better understand your child a little better. 

Community Education Services (CES) - Alberta Health
Free Online Sessions on Mental Health & Wellness
YW Calgary
Programs for Families, parenting supports, & Counselling
MORE (AHS & Mental Health Collaborative)
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Mental Health Online Courses for Educators and some for Parents
Primary Care Network
Online Workshops & Courses
Carya Calgary
Carya groups are free and offered around Calgary on a variety of topics
Families Matter
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Parenting classes, family life education, early learning across cultures, family resilience. 

Local Youth Programs

Click the agency lyogos for more information on these youth programs that your child can access and take part in the community.
Chestermere & Langdon Girl Guides
Camp Chestermere
Chestermere & Langdon Scouts

Social media use & Exploitation

Information on safe internet use and the impacts of exploitation.

Agencies with Information & Support with Exploitation 

Click the Agency Logos for more information on these agencies that help victims, and families, & provide information & support for exploitation.
Canadian Centre for Child Protection
Centre working to protect children from exploitation. Information on exploitation & safe internet use.
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Canada’s tipline for reporting online child sexual abuse and exploitation, is also a place for Canadians to turn to for help with concerns about shared intimate images, online luring, and other areas involving child victimization on the internet.
Need Help Now
Contact on website for help & support with Online Exploitation
Kids in the Know 
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Kids in the Know is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s national safety education program. The program engages students with interactive activities to help build skills that increase their personal safety and reduce their risk of victimization online and offline.

Resources for specific information on social media use & exploitation

Click the agency logos for more information on these resources to better understand social media use & online luring.
Canadian Centre for Child Protection: Self/Peer Exploitation PDF
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Includes information on self-peer exploitation among youth for parents 

Canadian Centre for Child Protection: How to Talk to Teens About Online Luring

Information on online luring and how to talk to your child about it.

Kids in the Know: For Students in High School
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Topics: boundaries, sexual consent, stereotypes, and healthy versus unhealthy behaviours in relationships.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection: Parenting in the Digital World 
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Information guide for parents to understand the online word while parenting teens.

Protect Kids Online: Emerging Issues

Emerging Issues by age group

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