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Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Online Learning & Articles

There are a number of webinars and articles that you can check out for community resilience, mental health, fundraising, and non-profit support


Tamarack Webinars - Tamarack is a leader in community engagement.  They have a number of excellent webinars coming up that are FREE.

Charity Village - Charity Village has a wide variety of free or low cost webinars and articles for non-profit organizations.  We most recently watch the "Reluctant Fundraiser to Fundraising Superhero", which is now available by recording - FREE.

Canadian Mental Health Association - CMHA has lots of great articles focusing on how to care for yourself, children, and others during this time of uncertainty.  

Alberta Healthy Communities Hub - Here you will find resources and stories of resilient communities

Vitreo Group Newsletter - Vitreo sends out a great weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to.  There are links to articles for non-profits, fundraising, self-care, etc.  

Calgary Foundation - The Calgary Foundation has information about Pandemic Relief Grants, the United Way Community Fund as well as numerous resources for non-profits, families, and individuals.

Propellus - VolunteerConnector posts volunteer jobs on their website

Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations - Resources and webinars for non-profit organizations

Federation of Calgary Communities - HR, financial, volunteer forms, protocols and templates for organizations

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