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Synergy Executive Director Resigns

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Patty Sproule is the founder and has been the driving force behind the development of Synergy Youth and Community Development Society as we know it today. She has extensive experience in the areas of Not for Profit organizational process, community consultation and engagement. Patty advocated for the creation of Synergy based on locally researched and documented need for programs that offer leadership as well as wellness training and support for youth and the community as a whole.

Under Patty Sproule’s direction, Synergy has evolved into a respected and highly sought after resource across the community. Synergy is fortunate to have attracted many extremely talented Staff and Volunteers and we are proud to offer unique programming that is decidedly inclusive and collaborative in nature.

Most Not for Profit agencies struggle to maintain sufficient budget to meet the needs of the people they serve and Synergy is no exception. In the Synergy Board’s view, the work of social serving organizations should be at least as highly valued as any other public service and therefore, adequately funded in order that it is able to sustain – unfortunately, this has not been our experience to date. Unfortunately, Synergy’s main funding partner has decreased its financial commitment both in 2017 and 2018.

In an effort to continue the core programming that has made Synergy the youth and community development resource that it has become and in light of current funding restrictions, Patty Sproule recommended to our Board that the position of Executive Director be removed from our organizational chart and that she resign in order to achieve that. The Synergy Board of Directors regretfully accepted her recommendation and with Patty’s guidance, developed an administrative/leadership sustainability plan for the coming two years.

To ensure day to day operations continue with the same level of commitment that the community has come to expect, the Synergy team (Staff, Volunteers and Board Members), comprised of competent, dedicated and well trained individuals, have offered to step up their volunteer time beyond the norm. Unfortunately, a number of new programs planned to begin in 2018 in order to meet the growing needs of Chestermere and area, will be delayed. Patty Sproule will continue to be involved as a valued advisor to our Board, Staff and Volunteers in a limited capacity on a contract basis. Going forward, operational inquiries should be directed to Coralee McIntosh, Team Leader and administrative inquires to the Board of Directors at or 403-212-0242. For more information regarding Synergy, please visit our website at

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