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Membership, programs, events & more!

Registration Forms are available online. Please go to the program page you are interested in to register


Membership and program fees are an important component of Synergy's financial stability. Synergy collects Membership (program registrations and more) and Community Membership (on-profit or for-profit sponsorship) fees on an annual basis. Each membership is valid from September 1st - August 31st.

  • Membership FAQ
    Q: What is Synergy’s definition of a Family? A: A basic social unit consisting of one (or more adults) together with the children they care for, whether they dwell within one household or not. Still unsure? Give us a call and we can discuss this together. Q: Is a membership required to take part in programming? A: A membership is only required for YELL & SHOUT members (While we encourage a membership, we understand that in some instances your youth/child may only be attending one event or program and will not be an active member, in which case a membership isn’t necessary)
  • Adult Volunteer FAQ
    Q: How can I volunteer with Synergy? A: Visit the 'Volunteer' page of our website to learn about all the different ways you can volunteer!



October to December

~10 Weeks of Programming


Per Participant

5 Volunteer hours to receive a $50 *Registration Refund per participant


February to June

~20 Weeks of Programming


Per Participant

10 Volunteer hours to receive a $100 *Registration Refund per participant

*Registration Refund – Registrants are eligible for a 50% refund of their registration fee once they volunteer the minimum number of hours required per participant, per session.

​The following reciprocal perks are included with a Synergy Membership:

  • Weekly SHOUT and YELL meetings, as well as, most ongoing youth projects.

  • Ability to rent space at the Centre for Community Leadership

  • One vote per membership at the SYNERGY Annual General Meeting.

** Extra charge programs, field trips, retreats, camps, workshops, trainings, and events are those that incur additional facilitator, admission and/or material expenses – fees can range from $5 to $150.00+ per person depending on the initiative – all are optional and subsidies are available for most.




Per Year

A Community Membership includes the following perks:

  • Allows for registration in all programs as well as all workshops

  • Helps cover building operating costs including insurance

  • Ability to rent space at the Centre for Community Leadership

  • Quarterly 'Community Builders' newsletter providing program information as well as new resources, workshops, partnership opportunities, funding sources and advertising space for all community meetings and events

  • 1 vote per membership at Synergy's Annual General Meeting


Are you attending a special program or event (separate from weekly YELL or SHOUT programming)? Fill out a program registration form to get your name on the list! Please note that a program registration form may still be required even if the attendee possesses a membership.


Please fill out a Volunteer Registration form if you are becoming involved with Synergy as a volunteer! We require a yearly registration form whether you will be volunteering on a regular basis or simply at one event. Please fill one of the two forms (adult or minor). 

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