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Synergy Videos

Our 2019 videos

2019 Synergy Duck Race
Synergy Youth Internship

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Synergy in the Community

Synergy is committed to the development of community organizations as well as our youth. We support these valuable groups with workshops, volunteer support, and sharing knowledge.

Partnerships and collaborations are necessary to give our community the best level of support possible! 

Benefits to our Community

For many, Synergy is a home away from home. 

A safe place to grow, learn, and gain experience through a variety of programs and opportunities.  This is not only true for our participants, but the volunteers and staff as well. 


We are constantly pushing ourselves to try new things, make new connections, and work collaboratively to support our community.

Our Purpose

Through programs focused on healthy relationships and positive youth development, Synergy supports youth in finding their passions and purpose as they grow into thriving individuals and community leaders. 

We believe that by offering youth weekly opportunities to immerse in both volunteerism and positive leadership development programming, flourishing communities for the future are ensured. 

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