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Positive Ticketing Program

You've been caught in the act... doing something positive!


Door Prizes happen annually and the 2023 Draw will be in June!

Hurry and put your name in the draw for a chance to win prizes!


Chestermere RCMP and Chestermere Peace Officers hand out Positive Tickets to children and youth “CAUGHT” in the act of doing positive things in Chestermere!

The Positive Ticketing Program was unveiled on July 1, 2015. It recognizes children and youth who are observed by local RCMP and Peace Officers, schools and community organizations doing something positive within the City of Chestermere. RCMP and Peace Officers hand out “Positive Tickets” to young people caught doing amazing things in Chestermere! This can include wearing a bike helmet, picking up litter, holding the door for someone, volunteering at community events, and safe driving practices. Each ticket includes a gift card or coupon to a local business, as well as information on how to enter some really amazing prize draws.

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2023 is the 8th anniversary of the Positive Ticketing Program!

So far, more than 1,000 Positive Tickets have been handed out!

Recognizing the positive contributions of our young people is vital to building and maintaining a strong and thriving community! Positive Ticketing aims to focus on positive, preventative programming as a method of developing healthy young people within Chestermere. 

Positive Ticketing provides a vehicle for community organizations and businesses to work together in emphasizing positive reinforcement of desired behaviours in our young people and celebrating the leadership they are showing in our City. Further, Positive Ticketing aids in developing healthy relationships between children, youth, the RCMP and Peace Officers.

Check out our Positive Ticketing Infographic for additional information!


“Our 7 year old was very happy, and proud he was doing the right thing. His interaction with our local RCMP was a very positive experience. Constable Harper was a very good role model for our son.”

Parent of Youth Recipient


“I was nervous at first but when I got a ticket for doing good things I was so excited and proud of myself! My little cousin and I had so much fun Trick or treating and I’m going to share my gift card with her :)”

- Grand Prize Winner, 13



“I find this to be a great way to bring our youth together but also to make them better people! With myself having a strong interest in police work this helps me with grow as a person but also have something to show for the hard work I put into things.”

Ticket Recipient, 18



Every youth recipient has the chance to enter in the prize draw by completing the quick 4 question survey outlined in the Positive Ticket they receive. Youth are then able to identify what draws they would like to be included in and if they would like to share their experience. Past prizes included X-fest tickets, Sony Wireless Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, gift baskets from Starbucks and the Waiting Room Café! There are new prizes to be won this year so if you have received a positive ticket in the past and have not completed your survey, it is not too late!


Draws are made 2 – 3 times a year, based on prize availability.

Please contact for more information.


Schools, Community Organizations, and Youth Serving Not-for-profit Organizations can now make referrals! We know the RCMP doesn’t always get to see the fantastic things our children and youth are doing first-hand. Help out by making referrals when you see a young person worthy of consideration! The Positive Ticketing Committee will review the referrals monthly and make recommendations to the RCMP. A limited number of tickets will be distributed to nominees each month. Depending on demand, not all nominees may receive a ticket.


Thank you for nominating a youth!


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