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EPCOR Donation to Synergy!

The EPCOR Heart and Soul Fund is donating $4 000 to Synergy Youth and Community Development Society to support the Connection and Care Counselling program and the Youth Internship program. This donation will be processed through The Shaw Birdies for Kids program presented by Suncor, meaning this donation will be matched up to 50%. EPCOR’s Heart and Soul Fund was created to support organizations that bring joy to the community, provide a lifeline to those hit hardest during COVID-19 and those who have trouble accessing mental health services.

These funds will be extremely impactful for the communities of Chestermere and Area.

The Connection and Care program has seen a huge increase in need for low-cost and accessible counselling services over the past eighteen months. With EPCOR’s donation, the program will be able to continue at low cost without having to turn anyone away.

A portion of EPCOR’s donation will also be funding Intern bursaries which are intended to support future education. The Youth Internship Program is crucial for the small urban/rural communities of Chestermere, Langdon, and SE Rocky View as it reduces barriers for youth employment and increases access to meaningful professional experiences.

“We continue to hear how the pandemic has had an impact on mental health and increased demand on those who provide vital services,” said Christian Madsen, EPCOR Director, Regional Operations. “This financial support through EPCOR’s Heart + Soul Fund will help people get the counselling they need; as well as provide resources for Synergy’s Youth Internship program, which helps youth develop essential skills to set them up for success.”

Synergy is extremely grateful to The EPCOR Heart and Soul Fund for their generous donation. Without community partners such as EPCOR, Synergy would not be able to offer resources and programs such as the Youth Internship program and the Connection and Care program to those in need.

For further information about this donation or any of Synergy’s programs or services, please call 403-212-0242, extension 1.


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