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Chestermere Positive Ticketing Committee

We are in need of adult committee members for the Chestermere Positive Ticketing Committee in order to support its growth and sustainability.

The Chestermere Positive Ticketing Campaign is a campaign that recognizes children and youth who are observed by local RCMP officers, schools and community organizations doing something positive within the City of Chestermere.

There are many benefits to serving on the Committee, including: Increased connection to the community Develop skills in problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution Meet new people An opportunity to give back and help others …and many, many more!

The Positive Ticketing Committee will review referrals for tickets from schools, community organizations and youth serving not-for-profit organizations. They will also be finding sponsors and maintaining supportive relationships with sponsors, ensuring the RCMP have all the materials necessary to carry out the campaign, advertising and promoting for the campaign, and much more.

To volunteer or find out more, please contact


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