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Synergy is Accepting Youth Intern Resumes!

Each spring, youth ages 15 – 21 are invited to submit resumes to Synergy for summer Youth Internship positions. Applicants are invited to take part in an authentic interview experience and receive helpful advice on their resume and interview skills. Synergy Youth Interns can be involved in a variety of activities, including but not limited to, assisting with summer programs, mentoring younger children and youth, coordinating events, assisting with office and administrative duties, acting as camp leaders, and more! Youth are consulted and placed in a position that best suits their strengths, interests, and opportunity for growth.

The type of Synergy Youth Intern positions is dependent on the funding available at the time. Synergy has been fortunate to receive Summer Student funding from Canada Summer Jobs (federal funding) and Summer Temporary Employee Program (provincial funding) over the years to help fund a few full time summer positions. The majority of the Synergy Youth Internship are volunteer positions. As an added incentive and appreciation for the time and effort our volunteer Youth Interns contribute, we try our very best to offer a Bursary to successful graduates of the program. The Bursary is intended to be used for the Interns post-secondary or other educational advancements. A formal graduation ceremony takes place in November, however, many of our youth are invited to continue their Internship experience into and throughout the school year.

While the majority of the Internship positions are considered volunteer positions, youth are expected to treat the position with the same consideration and commitment they would extend to any work situation. In return, youth are invited to take part in exceptional training opportunities at no cost. Training can include but is not limited to First Aid and CPR, High Five: A Safe Way to Play, Work Place Safety, Camp Mentorship Practicum, additional Mental Health Workshops, and more. First year interns will be paying a fee of $190 to recoup a fraction of the cost of this invaluable training.

A Synergy Youth Intern position is an excellent way for youth in our community to start developing their job skills and building a meaningful resume. Participants also get a firsthand look inside the not-for-profit, community development, and youth work fields.

For more information about the Youth Internship Program please contact Synergy at

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