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Synergy’s YELL Youth Council receives Alberta Inspiration Award for Bullying Prevention

Synergy’s YELL Youth Council is a diverse group of people ages 13 and up. They engage in a formal leadership program that incorporates the City of Calgary LEAD curriculum to recognize all the advocacy and volunteer work they do throughout the year.

The YELL Youth Council is dedicated to improving their community. To that end, they enthusiastically develop programming for their project “Pretty in Pink” ( each year to battle bullying in schools and the community. This project has grown over the last 4 years from an awareness fundraiser to one that sees Youth Council members going into schools to present at assemblies with a bullying prevention message.

The Government of Alberta honoured YELL’s important work with the presentation of a Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award for their leadership in bullying prevention, on November 23, 2018, at Mcdougall Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Synergy’s Board of Directors’ Co-Chair Deb Hitchcock, YELL Youth Council Chair Rody Visotski and Vice-Chair Emily Young accepted the award on behalf of the Council. (Photo attached)

YELL Youth Council Chair Rody Visotski says, “The best thing about the Pretty in Pink campaign is that it is youth doing it for youth, and people in the community doing it for people in the community.”

Synergy Co-chair Deb Hitchcock says, “Our board, staff and mentors are very proud of the members of the YELL Youth Council and the amazing work they do. They are a tenacious and enthusiastic group who bring a wide range of opinions and experience together for the betterment of their community. This award is well-deserved recognition of their hard work and the effect it is having."

The Pretty in Pink project has several elements:

  • Designing and hand-making buttons that are sold through local organizations and businesses throughout the month of February but are available for purchase from Synergy all year round. Each year the Council chooses a charity to share the proceeds from Pretty in Pink. The charity must be accessible to local youth and must help prevent bullying or support those suffering from the effects of bullying. Pretty in Pink raised $1000 in 2018, $500 of which was donated to Dare to Care (

  • Visiting local schools to perform fun and engaging presentations at assemblies.

  • Getting out in the community to local events to talk to people about bullying.

For more information or any questions, email or visit

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