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In September 2020, a coalition representing the health, education, recreation, faith, social services, voluntary, business and government sectors came together in response to the tragic suicide of a local youth.  After several structured conversations, regarding youth aggression and safety, a partnership was formed with the intention of making a difference in the way our adult community responds to these concerning matters. 


It was determined that for the community to know how best to serve youth, we must ask youth how safe they currently feel in the community - from a physical, emotional, social, and mental health perspective.  In the spring of 2021, the Chestermere and Area Community Coalition was fortunate to have been awarded a Canadian Mental Health Association – Rural Mental Health Project grant to undertake a survey of both youth and those who care for youth.

current projects

FALL 2021/WINTER 2022

Youth Survey

The Chestermere and Area Community Coalition is currently consulting with youth and the adults who care for them, regarding their perceptions about youth physical, social, emotional, and mental safety in our community.


Two surveys are being administered (one for youth through local schools and the other for adults through the community) to help determine a course of action that will positively shift our community culture to one that is more youth friendly.

The English versions of the surveys are closed. If you would like access to the Adult Survey, please e-mail us using the link below or come into the office to pick up a paper copy. 

All surveys close Monday, March 14th, 2022

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Non-English Versions of the Survey:


We have created translated versions of the Adult Survey in Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Tagalog!


If you are interested in filling out a translated survey please follow the instructions in your preferred language below:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, we truly appreciate your contribution! 

about the coalition

Mission – We work collaboratively to identify and respond to social infrastructure vulnerabilities in an effort to improve our community’s quality of life.

Vision – A Safe, Inclusive, Supportive and Socially Aware Community.

Mandate – The Chestermere and Area Community Coalition is a multi-sector group of community leaders committed to thorough consultation with community members to determine the need for change, development and/or enhancement. Further, we advocate with decision makers to inform planning for the process of positive community transformation.

Coalition Members

City of Chestermere                                                                              County of Rocky View

Lake Ridge Community Church                                                            Chestermere Regional Community Association

Chestermere RCMP                                                                              Chestermere Peace Officers                                              Olympus Boxing Club                                                                           Camp Chestermere                                                           Synergy Youth and Community Development Society                         Rocky View Schools

Calgary Catholic School Division                                                        

Calgary Rural Primary Care Network - Chestermere & Langdon

Chestermere Regional Recreation Centre